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For applicants

"Welcome to Germany - support for qualified specialists on their way to Germany"

Why does Germany need skilled workers from abroad?

According to the German Economic Institute in Cologne, Germany is expected to have a shortage of around 307,000 nursing staff in inpatient care by 2035. The overall gap in the nursing sector could increase to almost 500,000 skilled workers by then. This forecast is based on calculations by the Federal Statistical Office on the development of the need for care in Germany, as published in the care statistics, which are updated every two years. In 2017, there were around 3.4 million people in need of care across Germany, which corresponds to an increase of 70 percent compared to the beginning of the millennium. February 2020 - According to a current report from Statista, there will be a skills gap of two million in various professional groups in Germany over the next ten years. Given this demographic change, Germany has an enormous need for nursing staff that it cannot meet with local workers alone. Saisy Germany specializes in preparing interested, qualified specialists from non-EU countries for long-term positions in Germany and supporting them throughout the entire integration process. Since we work exclusively on behalf of our customers, all of our services are free for professionals. Working conditions in Germany are considered very good and for good reason: they are among the most attractive in the world.

We accompany and advise you

We look forward to accompanying you as qualified specialists on your journey to Germany. From the application to professional recognition and beyond, we are at your side at all times. In order to benefit from our free placement in a job in Germany, you need a valid diploma that is also recognized in Germany, as well as the willingness to learn a new language if you do not yet speak German.


When recruiting nursing staff from third countries internationally, we strictly adhere to the WHO guidelines, as well as the ILO and IRIS standards for the international placement of skilled workers from abroad.

Our mediation process

1. Application & Advice

Job Application Saisy_edited.jpg

Are you interested in practicing your profession in Germany or completing training here? Then please send us your application documents by email. We will contact you and invite you to one of our information events. In our online information event you will receive extensive information and have the opportunity to ask questions about our services and working in Germany. If you are qualified, we offer you interview training before interviewing potential employers.

3. Language training  & Preparation

Learn German with Saisy.jpg

After you have been accepted for employment, you will begin your language training. In the medical and nursing professions you need at least language level B1 in order to be allowed to enter Germany. However, most employers require the B2 language certificate before entry. The more advanced you are with the language, the better it is for you. Candidates in the hotel and catering industry need at least language level A2. The language training can be carried out by one of our program partners in your home country. Language certificates according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) are accepted. These are language certificates from Goethe Insitut, TELC, ÖSD, ELC. Language training is the longest process in all of recruiting. It can take 8-12 months to reach language level B2 intensive course. The language training is free of charge for you.  We receive applicants who already have a language certificate at the time of placement. These applicants must provide invoices to prove that they have borne the language costs themselves. If this is the case, these applicants will receive their costs reimbursed. After receiving your employment confirmation, you will begin your language training. In medical and nursing professions, at least language level B1 is required to be allowed to enter Germany. However, most employers require the B2 language certificate before entry. The more advanced your language skills are, the better it is for you. Candidates in the hotel and catering industry need at least language level A2. The language training can be carried out by one of our program partners in your home country. Language certificates in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), such as certificates from the Goethe Institute, TELC, ÖSD or ELC, are accepted. Language training is the longest process in all of recruiting. It can take up to 8-12 months to reach the intensive B2 language level. Your employer will cover the costs of language training for you. Applicants who already have a valid language certificate at the time of placement can prove their costs using invoices. In this case we will refund you the costs. During your language training, you will receive special technical training from our program partners.

5. Application for professional recognition

curriculum vitae

As soon as we have all of your documents in full, we will apply for the so-called accelerated skilled immigration procedure with the district government in the federal state in which you will start working in Germany. To do this, we will send you some prepared forms and powers of attorney for you to sign, which you then have to send back to us. The district government will compare your studies with the reference job in Germany to determine whether there is equivalence. This process can take 2-4 months. If your studies are not considered equivalent, you will receive a so-called deficit notice. In this case, you will have to go through an adjustment measure in Germany. However, if equivalence is determined, we can apply for your German diploma directly to the authorities after you enter the country.

7. Entry preparation/visa

Preparing for travel Saisy.jpg

Congratulations! You have received the preliminary approval for your visa. Now we will request your embassy appointment to apply for your visa. We will be happy to help you fill out the application forms. After submitting your documents to the German Embassy, you will probably receive your visa within approx. 2-3 weeks using the accelerated skilled immigration process. Your employer and we will organize your accommodation and entry. Before you leave, we will give you a preparation course, for which we will need the last documents from you as well as copies of your vaccination certificates. Skilled workers from the Philippines also receive a PDOS (Pre Departure Orientation Seminar) from our POEA-licensed partner, who also applies for your Exit Clearance (OEC) from the POEA. We will also take care of organizing your flight ticket. We wish you a pleasant trip to Germany and are looking forward to your arrival!

9. Adaptation measure


If you have received a notice of deficit, you will be required to carry out an in-service adjustment measure during your work as an assistant. Before you entered the country, you had the choice between an adaptation course or a knowledge test. The orientation will provide you with more information about the differences between the two options. The duration of the adaptation course depends on the number of theoretical and practical deficits noted in your deficit notice. The course ends with a technical discussion. For a knowledge test, the preparation time is 3-6 months. You will receive theoretical lessons and will be supported by a practical instructor provided by your employer to put what you have learned into practice. The exam itself consists of theoretical and practical exam tasks. You will be released by your employer to take part in the adaptation measure or lessons and will continue to receive your full salary. The adjustment measure does not apply to trainees and candidates with certificates of equivalence.

2. Employer /Contract offer

Hired Saisy.jpg

If you are one of the lucky and qualified candidates who meet the employer's requirements, a so-called matching occurs. We organize an online interview appointment between you and your potential employer via platforms such as Zoom, Teams or Skype. We will also be happy to provide you with an interpreter. If the employer chooses you - congratulations! You will receive a written confirmation of your employment from your future employer. Trainees, on the other hand, receive a training contract.

4. Preparation documents

Stack of Files_edited.jpg

To ensure that everything goes smoothly and that we can minimize the duration of the placement process, we start by collecting your personal documents during your language training. The required documents include, among others: - A signed CV in tabular form - Your diploma - A copy of your passport - Evidence of your study content (including theory and practical lessons) - School leaving certificates - Further training certificates - Job references If you are married and have children, we will also need a marriage certificate and birth certificates. You can send us your original documents by post and give us a power of attorney. You can send us the documents scanned in advance by email. We will have your documents certified either by a German notary or by the German embassy in your home country. If your documents are in English, a certified translation is not required in some federal states such as North Rhine-Westphalia. In other federal states, however, a translation is required. We will cover the costs for certification and, if necessary, translation for you. Once the certification and translation has been completed, you will receive your original documents back.

6. Application for advance approval visa

Visa Preapproval Saisy.jpg

After we have received your equivalence notice or deficit notice, we will apply for advance approval for your visa to enter Germany as part of our application in the accelerated skilled immigration process. This process may take another 2-4 weeks. As soon as we have received the preliminary approval for your visa, we can book an appointment for you at the embassy.

8. Welcome to Germany

Reichstag Building_edited.jpg

Welcome in Germany! We are very happy that you finally made it! As soon as you arrive at the airport in Germany, our onboarding team will meet you. We will get you a German mobile phone number with mobile internet so that you can contact your family in your home country. We will then take you to your accommodation. Your employer is already looking forward to your first day of work here in Germany. We or your employer will apply for the extension of your residence permit, help you apply for a tax number and will also be happy to support you in opening a bank account. We will be available to you at any time via WhatsApp throughout your stay and will accompany you in all adaptation measures and integration. Don't hesitate to contact us - we are always here for you!

10. Hiring as a specialist

Job Application Saisy_edited.jpg

Congratulations on successfully completing the adaptation measure! We are very happy about your success. We would now be happy to support you in applying for your German professional certificate. You will also receive a new employment contract as a specialist. We are proud of your achievements and look forward to taking the next step in your career together with you!

Saisy German Map_edited_edited.jpg

Info box

You will find further useful information in the information box provided. These external links take you to official federal government websites where you can find out more about skilled immigration and living and working in Germany.

It is very important to us that you, as our talent, are well informed in order to make your decision to live and work in Germany easier.


We want to make sure that you have all the relevant information at hand and would be happy to support you on your way to Germany!

Have we sparked your interest?

We are looking forward to your application.

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