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With Saisy Germany you have a competent partner at your side when it comes to placing skilled workers in the areas of care and the hotel industry.

We are a dynamic company with an experienced team that specializes in the placement of international specialists. We work closely with our clients to ensure we find the best possible candidates to meet their needs. On our website you will find detailed information about our services and our team. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Our service

Our service consists of placing international specialists in the areas of nursing and the hotel industry in Germany. We understand the growing demand for qualified specialists in these industries and are committed to connecting talented and experienced employees from different countries with German employers.


In the area of nursing, we provide highly qualified nursing staff from different countries who have extensive experience and sound training. These specialists support German healthcare facilities in meeting the increasing need for qualified care. We attach great importance to careful selection processes to ensure that the nursing staff we place meet the high standards of the German healthcare industry.


We also offer a wide range of international specialists for the hotel industry. Whether they are experienced chefs, service staff or hotel professionals - we have access to a pool of talented employees from different countries with different cultural backgrounds. Our placement services aim to meet both the needs of employers and the skills and interests of applicants.


We understand the challenges of recruiting international professionals and support both employers and applicants throughout the entire process. From the pre-selection of potential candidates to support with visa applications and integration into the German work culture, we support our customers with advice and support.


Our goal is to enable successful collaboration between employers and skilled workers to meet the need for qualified personnel in Germany. We are proud to contribute to strengthening the German nursing and hotel industry by placing talented professionals from all over the world.

Your advantages

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High quality Basic training

Our placement agency offers you highly qualified specialists from third countries such as the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Egypt and Tunisia. Our specialists have a solid 4-year basic training in their respective areas, culminating in a bachelor's degree. In the field of nursing, we place specialists who have completed a 4-year degree in the field of nursing and have a Bachelor of Science in Nursing or a Bachelor of Nursing Science. These qualified nursing staff not only bring theoretical knowledge, but also valuable practical experience. For the hotel industry, we offer hotel professionals from the Philippines who have completed a 4-year degree in hotel and restaurant management. With their Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management, they are well prepared to meet the requirements of the industry. We attach great importance to the fact that our international specialists not only have solid training, but also relevant professional experience. During the placement process, we also prepare you for your future work and support you in integrating into the German working environment. Our placement agency strives to offer you high-quality specialists who are well qualified both professionally and culturally. Contact us today for more information or to discuss your requirements.


Recognition of the professional title

In addition to linguistic skills, international specialists must also demonstrate their technical knowledge. In some cases it is necessary to complete an adaptation measure for the professional title acquired in your home country in Germany.   In order to determine this, we submit the applicant's documents to the responsible authority before entering Germany. In addition to the course content, these documents also include job references to prove professional experience.   The responsible authority checks whether the training content or study content in the home country is equivalent to that of the German reference profession. If the test is positive, a certificate of equivalence will be issued.   However, if a deficit is identified, the specialist will receive a deficit notice. In this case, it is possible to complete a compensatory measure in Germany in the form of a knowledge test or an adaptation course.   The employer usually organizes and cooperates with external training providers for these adaptation measures. Depending on the type of deficit, the measure can be carried out alongside work.   In our orientations and consultations, we will inform you in detail about the process of adaptation measures in Germany as well as possible funding opportunities for both employers and applicants.

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Mediation process


After you have received detailed advice about our processes and conditions and, as an employer, have signed a letter of intent (LOI) or framework agreement for the placement of skilled workers, we begin selecting your future employees according to your requirement profiles.   We draw on our extensive talent pool and, if necessary, also place job advertisements in our home countries. All applicants we place with you receive detailed information about your company and the entire placement process.   Within 14 days, we will introduce you to qualified applicants who meet your requirements profile (matching) and send you the corresponding digital applicant dossiers with the written consent of the applicants. We strictly adhere to the data protection guidelines according to the GDPR.   We accompany and coordinate the online job interviews between you as the employer and potential employees. If necessary, we also provide interpreters.   After successful selection, you submit a written confirmation of employment for the desired specialists.   Immediately afterwards, both language training and professional preparation begin for your future employees in their home country.   During this time, we will take care of the certification of documents, translations and all forms and powers of attorney for you and your new employees. We submit all necessary applications to the German authorities.   Together with the applicants, we organize embassy appointments, coordinate flights and, if requested, also provide support in finding accommodation. We also pick up your applicants at the airport.   After your arrival in Germany, we will be happy to accompany you and your employees on official visits and support you in integrating into the new working environment.   Our goal is to offer you a smooth placement process and to ensure that both you as an employer and your new skilled workers receive the best possible support.

Our experts will be happy to assist you with the integration upon request. We offer training in intercultural leadership skills for your team and advise you on problems and conflicts in the workplace.   We would also be happy to support you in creating a structured induction plan and discuss the various options available with you.   For skilled workers, we also offer support with family reunification. We will help you find a suitable apartment and support you in applying for child benefit and in registering school-age children.   We also arrange integration seminars from program partners and offer other language support in Germany.

Saisy Germany`s placement process
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